Lakewood Fresh Line

Lakewood’s Blueberry Fresh Line Packing Equipment is some of the highest quality and most effective equipment that you can find when it comes to fresh packing your berries. Automate your packing process and increase your productivity by adding any one of the pieces of equipment shown here.

This video shows the following pieces of equipment – click any link below to learn more about each piece.

Blueberry Air Cleaner / Debris Remover (Please note that our MKBN Air Cleaner is now called an Easy-Flow Air Cleaner)

Fresh Berry Destemmer

Blueberry Sizer (For Fresh Berries)

Inspection Conveyors

Transfer Conveyors

Clamshell Denesters

Volumetric Clamshell Fillers

Fill-by-weight Clamshell Fillers (Please note that the WeighMaster is no longer available – take a look at our FastPak for filling by weight)

Packing Conveyors

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