Wheel Denester

A Simple Time Tested Design, Geared Towards Denesting Pints

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Precision machined denester wheels

Clamshells are placed onto the rear loading section of the wheel denester where they are staged until a hopper eye (included with denester) which is mounted onto the hopper feeding your clamshells, recognizes berries in the hopper. As the hopper eye recognizes berries, it will automatically start the denesting process to ensure very little product is spilled, and will keep moving clamshells under the hopper at all times, assuming the hopper is being fed at a steady rate.

The key to Lakewood’s Wheel Denester is the precision machined wheels which separate the cups from one another. For each rotation of the denester wheel, a clamshell will gently fall onto the filler’s container conveyor.

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