Stone Trap & Pre-Washer System

Remove Heavy Debris and Give Product an Initial Wash  Stone Trap Icon

  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Compact size
  • Micro-slatted hydro-sieve screen effectively filters water, allowing it to recirculate

Lakewood’s Stone Trap Pre-Wash System is an ideal component for small vegetable and berry packing lines. It effectively washes product and removes heavy debris such as stones, nuts, bolts, etc. from the flow of the product. 

Water is pumped over the surface of the flume pan, and the product is conveyed into the water flow. The product is rinsed and carried by the water flume to the main conveyor, while heavier objects are trapped in the collection troughs for later removal. The water continues through a hydro-sieve where it is filtered and then recirculated. 


33″ wide model / 8,000 lbs per hour
42″ wide model / 12,000 lbs per hour

Download the brochure here