Single Lane Adjustable Volumetric Filler for Grape & Cherry Tomatoes

  • Tool-free adjustability for quick and easy changeover when switching clamshell sizesVolumetric Tomato Filler
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Includes powered paddle closer
  • Adjustable hopper height from 42″ to 52″
  • Includes spilled berry conveyor to keep spilled fruit off of the floor and conveys it into a lug
  • Accepts clamshell sizes from 4.4oz to 2.75lb
  • Dual lane model capable of filling two different sized containers simultaneously

Capable of filling 200+ containers per minute

Clamshells are fed onto live belts and stay on the same belt until discharge. As the clamshell moves under the fill hopper, it is filled to the specified volume and stays there until the next clamshell replaces it. Filled clamshells are closed and conveyed where they can be case packed. 

Lakewood’s Adjustable Volumetric Fillers paired with Lakewood’s Scissors Denester make a great filling system for those looking for a turn-key, high-speed clamshell filling solution.

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