Powered Thru Lug & Container Washers

Powered Lug Washer

Quickly Flush Away Loose Debris & Sanitize Field Containers

  • Initial wash and rinse section
  • Adjustable guide rail system
  • Easy-access drain plug
  • Sieve screen for debris removal
  • Exit end lug rotator / collection conveyor

The container is positioned upside-down onto the lug washer’s conveyor on the infeed end. The conveyor carries the lug through the was manifold where the container is flooded from above and below. No corners or crevices are untouched. The water and debris that comes off of the container is screened through a sieve into a reservoir and¬†recirculated. The containers¬†exit the opposite end of the conveyor onto an accumulation zone.¬†

Capacity: Approximately 900 lugs per hour

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(The videos below are displaying discontinued lug washer models to show the inner workings of how our powered lug washer works)