Fresh Pack Filling Systems

Volumetric Clamshell / Punnet Fillers

Lakewood’s volumetric clamshell fillers are filled by volume versus being filled by weight. The value in the volumetric filler comes through the simplicity of these machines as well as the speeds that these fillers are capable of running, while being offered at a far lower price than the industry’s fill-by-weight systems.

The Push-Thru Volumetric Filler offers even the smallest grower the opportunity to increase their production speeds at an affordable price, while the Single and Dual Lane Adjustable Volumetric Fillers are the industry’s top-shelf volumetric clamshell fillers – capable of filling containers (with consistent weights) at speeds of 200+ containers per minute.

Not sure which Lakewood volumetric filling line is right for you? Visit our Guide to Volumetric Fresh Pack Lines

Push Thru Icon3Push-Thru Volumetric Clamshell Filler

An extremely economic solution for filling clamshells

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Single Lane FillerSingle & Dual Lane Adjustable Volumetric Clamshell Fillers

Lakewood’s best selling piece of equipment fills clamshells from 4.4 oz – 2.75 lbs and helps customers meet the industry’s changing demands with ease (Single lane and dual lane models available)

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Fill-by-weight Clamshell / Punnet Fillers

Lakewood’s fill-by-weight clamshell fillers fill containers by weight versus filling by volume. The EZ Fill weigh-filler, offered in a 12-head model, offers high-speed clamshell filling with extreme precision in container weight accuracy.

EZ Fill ThumbEZ Fill / Fill-by-weight Clamshell Fillers

Lakewood’s new clamshell weigh-filler for blueberries and other small products 

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Fresh Pack Box Fillers

Lakewood’s fresh pack box fillers offer high-speed box filling with extreme accuracy in weights, in as simple of a design as you will find.

SP Single Head thumbSP Box Fillers

Perfect solution for fresh pack box filling

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