Cleaning & Separating Tank

Wash Tanks for Sanitization, Debris Removal, and Sorting Tank Icon

  • Unique V-shaped design offers easy cleanup for flushing out debris during the draining process
  • Low profile design keeps the infeed and discharge conveyor heights at a comfortable level
  • The optional berry conveyor dumps excess debris outside of the tank to prevent debris from recirculating through the wash tank

Washing, sanitizing, and removing debris from berries are all essential to any berry processing line, which is exactly what LPM’s Cleaning and Separating Tank accomplishes. What set’s LPM’s tank apart from the competition is it’s unique all-stainless steel design, which reduces microbial build-up and makes cleaning your product easy.

The tank is filled with chlorinated water, or another type of sanitizer. Berries enter the tank at the infeed end. A continuously moving mesh conveyor under the water carries ripe berries (which sink) toward the discharge end. Small debris that comes off of the berries settles through the mesh belt and remains in the bottom of the tank until draining. Green, unripe berries rise to the surface of the water where they are separated from the ripe berries and discharged to the next piece of equipment. 


36″ wide, shallow tank model / 8,000 lbs per hour
36″ wide, deep tank model / 8,000 lbs per hour
42″ wide, large deep tank model / 12,000 lbs per hour
60″ wide, large deep tank model / 12,000 lbs per hour

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